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Jet Propulsion Theatre is a multidisciplinary, multicultural project where collaborations are a natural component of its structure. Although the project has had many fruitful partnerships over the years, here we list those that we collaborate with on a steady basis. Further collaborations are underway.

Arditodesio Theatre Company

The artistic arm of Jet propulsion Theatre (JPT). Arditodesìo is a professional theatre company active in Italy since 2002. Its productions have toured extensively and continue doing so. JPT was started as a project of the Arditodesìo Company before it achieved its own maturity disengaging from the Company, but still maintaining organizational, administrative and artistic ties with it.

Portland Theatre

Portland is a well known little theatre in Trento (Italy). It is a place of culture where shows, plays, events and artistic events are organised and showcased. Portland runs a theatre school with a yearly enrolment of more than 150 students.

University of Trento - Physics Department
Laboratory for the Communication of the Physical Sciences

The Laboratory deals with the development of innovative teaching and scientific dissemination methods. Particular attention is paid to simulation and visualization techniques with telematic and computer resources, together with more traditional but technologically advanced approaches (both on-line and off-line) in fluid physics, quantum physics and matter physics. All activities are developed and provided to all school levels and degrees, as well as to non-school subjects: public events, conferences, temporary or permanent exhibits, science centers, museums.


Is an international knowledge-sharing platform and accelerator of innovation in the fields of public engagement. The association addresses experts involved in the design, organisation and implementation of public engagement activities across Europe. Eusea is an active consortium member in projects funded by the European Commission and supports partners in European funding policies.

Arte Urbana Collectif

An artistic collective based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The collective was created by Ralitsa Assenova and Dimitar Uzunov who later were joined by other artists and cultural managers from Bulgaria. The collective organizes various cultural events such as festivals, workshops, masterclasses and theatre performances in Bulgaria. It coordinates the platform "Theatre & Science", Bulgarian hub of Jet Propulsion Theatre.

Summer Scriptwriting Base

A new type of school where a new philosophy of teaching is applied. It is a unique combination of immersive learning experience, creative journey and rural retreat. It takes place every summer in Bulgaria. It gathers creative content makers, theatre and cinema-makers, game and experience designers, creative writers and copywriters from all around Europe. The workshops are led by an international team of well-established professionals.

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